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I was born in 1981, in Panevėžys, Lithuania. I was raised by my grandparents – a clock-maker and a furniture-maker who enrolled me into the Panevėžys School of Music and Arts to play classical piano music at the age of six. In my teen years, I began modelling for local photographers. When I was seventeen I received a 35mm Smena camera from one of the photographers I was working with, and since then I have barely let the camera out of my hands. In 2000 I became the youngest member of the Union of Lithuanian Art Photographers. 

In 2008 I left Lithuania and relocated to the United Kingdom. In 2021 I moved to Edinburgh and became a member of Edinburgh’s Photographic Society. 

As times are changing, using my 35mm Canon camera started to become too time-consuming, so I have replaced it with the Sony A7 II. However, I prefer to edit my artwork as little as possible, instead letting the real life composition and colours speak for themselves. It is very important to me that all the effects I achieve are natural.


Master's degree in Experimental Filmmaking & Media

University of Glasgow, Scotland (2022)

Bachelor of Arts Degree: Multimedia Art
Šiauliai University, Lithuania (2011)

University internship: Curating International Art Exhibitions
Nybro Municipality, Cultural Department, Sweden (2010)

University internship: Video Art & Film Editing
Høgskolen i Bergen, Bergen, Norway (2009)


Scholarship for Professional Art Creators

Issued by Lithuanian Council of Culture (2022)

Scholarship for Professional Art Creators
Issued by Lithuanian Council of Culture (2021)

Scholarship for Art Creators
Issued by Municipality of Panevėžys, Lithuania (2020)

National Scholarship for Young Art Creators
Issued by ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania (2001)

Solo exhibitions

'Underglass Portraits', Teatergalleriet, Kalmar, Sweden, 2022

'Auto'sekretai', Siauliai Art gallery, Siauliai, Lithuania, 2022

'Self-portraits: Secrets', Vilnius Photography gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania 2021
'Self-portraits: Secrets', Galerija XX, Panevezys, Lithuania,2020

'Imagonia', Pramanta Arte gallery, Lamezia Terme, Italy, 2010

'Self-portraits', Vilnius Photography Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2002

Group exhibitions

'A Light Footprint in the Cosmos', School for the Contemporary Arts, Vancouver, Canada, 2022

'Return', Panevezys Photography gallery, Panevezys, Lithuania, 2021
'X: EGO', Mark Rothko Art Center, Daugavpils, Latvia, 2021

'Making new friends', Nybro, Sweden, 2007
'Baltica Lithuania', One plus gallery, London, England, 2006
‘Lithuania in Between', The House of Photography, Stockholm, Sweden, 2006
'The Colour of the Lowns', Brosely, England, 2006
'Moya Museum of Young Art', Vienna, Austria, 2006
'About myself', Infra gallery, Stockholm, Sweden, 2005
'21Young Lithuanian Photographers', J. Baltrusaitis house, Moscow, Russia, 2004
'Das Baltische Fotolinse', Schloss Holligen, Bern, Switzerland, 2003
The 'Photography Month', Budapest, Hungary, 2002
'Young Lithuanian Photographers Today', Lithuanian Art Museum, Chicago, USA, 2002
'LUMO 2001', Jyväskylä, Finland, 2001
'The Ninth Exhibition of Young Photographers', Prospektas Photo Gallery, Vilnius,Lithuania, 2001
'Young Lithuanian Photographers Today', Arka Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania,2001



'X: EGO', Panevezys, Lithuania, 2021

'Lithuanian Photography Yesterday and Today', Vilnius, (annually from 2000)
'PF', Panevezys, 2004
'The Present', Panevezys, 2002
'Lithuanian Photography XXI', Vilnius, 2002
'Lumo 2001', Finland, 2001

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