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self-portraits. 2022-

This project seeks to initiate a dialogue on the profound significance of the migration process while offering insights into the psychological and emotional repercussions using an unconventional photography technique known as scanography.

Migration is a universal phenomenon, that has gained heightened relevance in today's era of globalization. The active migration processes reshape not only the behaviour, habits, and routines of migrants but also impact their ideologies. Individuals migrate for diverse reasons such as economic, political, environmental, social, and personal motives. While some view migration as an adventurous pursuit due to its accessibility, it's crucial to note that the journey is far from straightforward. Many migrants encounter unanticipated challenges, including language barriers, social alienation, isolation, discrimination, marginalization, shifts in self-perception, and adaptation to new cultures and environments. Faced with such stressors, migrants often feel their fate is subject to unknown forces.

The chosen scanography technique for this series serves two primary purposes: ensuring image quality and creating a "disorienting" visual effect that powerfully conveys the essence of migration. The method yields high-quality images suitable for printing in larger formats, a pivotal aspect of the project. The large format enhances the viewing experience by allowing elements of the scanned objects to be seen more precisely and in detail. The very act of scanning, with the scanned object pressed against the cold glass, symbolizes the series' concept—an uncomfortably compressed image mirroring the psychological portrait of an emigrant. This technique engages the viewer in a dialogue by visually representing personal experiences.

Titled 'Medium Nusquam,' meaning 'middle of nowhere' in Latin, this series encapsulates the sense of alienation resulting from the migration process. It portrays the feeling of being a stranger both in the adopted country and in one's Motherland, capturing the complex emotional landscape of migrants.

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