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self-portraits. 1998-2003

As a seventeen-year-old girl, I embarked on my inaugural photographic series, a collection that holds significant personal resonance. Featuring close friends as my subjects, this series has since become a poignant bridge between past and present, encapsulating the evolution of our connections as most of us have drifted apart over time.

Within this visual narrative, we cultivated a playground for our imagination—a clandestine 'secret society' nestled in a working-class town where the celebration of uniqueness faced societal resistance. Photography, in this context, transcended mere self-expression; it emerged as a binding force connecting me to these cherished individuals. Through the lens, I found the freedom to be authentically myself, escaping judgment and the confines of being labelled as 'weird' or 'strange.'

This inaugural series, aptly titled 'Self-portraits,' holds profound meaning. Each piece is a reflection of an intimate portrayal of my inner world. Given that my friends were an integral part of this narrative, the title encapsulates the essence of our shared journey—an odyssey towards inner freedom, self-discovery, and transformative experiences.

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