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underwater portraits. 2003-2009

This profoundly personal project began in 2003 within the deep native waters of my homeland, Lithuania. Progressing alongside the journey of my life, it guided me through captivating aquatic landscapes in Sweden, England, and ultimately Scotland. Each body of water, with its distinct temperature, colour, flow, underwater flora and fauna, and unique energy, left a lasting impact on my sensibilities.

In these images, every creature is genuine and unaltered, seamlessly becoming part of the artistic process. Natural effects and details are central to my creative vision.

Despite my initial apprehension towards water, the project transformed into a journey, unveiling the beauty beneath the surface. Although I never entirely conquered my fear, it evolved into a coexistence with feelings of awe and inspiration. The title of this underwater artwork mirrors the external landscapes and internal explorations woven through a chapter of travel and self-discovery.

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